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Several tons of are oakley holbrooks authentic oakley wholesale polarized race annie oakley hats related trash would go straight from the course to the landfill. And what about the impact of destination races, for which people travel thousands of miles burning mind blowing amounts of fossil authentic oakley wholesale fuels to race in famous marathons or exotic locales, According to the organizers of last year’s Boston Marathon, only 2 percent of the runners were from Boston. Seventy five percent annie oakley hats came from beyond the New England area, and 15 percent flew in from abroad source: Abel. If the average flight to a destination race is 1,500 miles 2,414 kilometers, that means an extra 4,080 pounds 1,851 kilograms of carbon dioxide for each traveling runner source: Stevenson. Fortunately, in the past decade, there’s been a huge movement to make running events more green. Runner’s World magazine even formed an official Green Team to assist race organizers in designing eco friendly events. The results have been impressive all biodiesel support vehicles, biodegradable cups, composting stations and even recycled medallions. Keep reading to learn more about what makes a green race and what marathons around the country are doing to limit their collective carbon footprint.How Groping Happens It starts with an insignificant touch. The accidental brush on the Metro. The hug that lasts a few seconds too long. The hand that dips down past the small best mens oakleys of your back to settle just below the waist. And then it gets a little bit closer. The stranger who pushes against your butt as he edges past you on the crowded dance floor. The businessman who sticks his hand out as he passes you on the black oakley flip flops street so that his palm briefly grazes the side of your ass. The drunk guy in the crosswalk who leaves a authorized oakley dealers online mark on best knock off oakleys your shoulder from an unsolicited kiss. It best replica oakleys starts with a dance. He just dances by grinding his pelvis into yours. He also hugs by grinding his pelvis into yours. And he positions himself on the crowded Metro by grinding his pelvis into yours. This is how he shakes hands: He takes your right hand in his right. He grasps your upper arm in his left. As he shakes.

t know what to do. You stiffen up. You edge away. You wait until he’s finished. You convince yourself it was just an accident. You turn it into a joke to tell your friends. You don’t tell anybody. You can’t sleep. You shake with rage. You daydream about it for months afterwards. You border patrol oakley discounts fantasize about pounding his face into the baseball oakleys sunglasses men pavement. You would have said something, but he was bigger than you. You would have said something, but he smelled like alcohol. You would have best site to buy fake oakleys in the us said something, but you didn’t have any proof. You would have said something, but it wasn’t worth your time. You would have said authorized oakley watch repair something, but you didn’t want to embarrass him. Next time, you’ll say something. Or you do say something, and he denies it why would he want to touch your brand new oakleys ass, Or you tell your friends, and they tell you you’re too meek. You need to start walking with more confidence. Or you scream, but he’s already down the street, across the club, on another train. And everyone turns to look at you like you’re crazy. Or you report him to the bartender, who says buy oakley frames only he’ll kick the guy out. And he doesn’t. Or you dump a beer on his head. You stick a 5 inch stiletto heel into the top of his foot. You’ve been groped one too many times. You punch him in the kidneys. You call three police asian fit oakleys departments until someone takes your case. The scenes of their crimes are our annie oakley official site local bars, bookstores, national parks, parking lots, Red Lines, and sidewalks. Their attackers are their cab drivers, dance partners, friends, and fellow passengers. Their gropes occurred in plain view of hundreds of witnesses. But despite the highly public nature of best place to buy oakley sunglasses online these sexual assaults, the majority of these groping victims did not report their attacks to police. Some of them never told their friends. A few didn’t even move an inch. biography on annie oakley for kids Gropers succeed in a system where sexual assault is minimized as an accident, a joke, a myth, or a fact of life. Over the next month, this column will examine how the system works to claim others’ bodies as public property while excusing away the District’s most prolific sexual assailants.